Hygienic Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Hospital and cleanroom

Air filtration and air diffusion can have a big impact on the cleanliness of indoor spaces.

FläktGroup; a reliable partner for Hospital HVAC Solutions

 Clean air in hospitals is essential to significantly reduce the spread of germs. HVAC solutions from FläktGroup help to maintain clean air conditions in this high-risk environment.


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The efficient choice for 0% cross-contamination

The new Econet Premium is the smart solution for efficient energy recovery and truly hygienic air quality with many benefits.

 eQ Master or eQL modular air handling units with Econet guarantees no cross contamination or odour transfer.

 Econet Premium has been developed to provide high energy recovery to reduce heating energy and operation cost. FläktGroup has developed a unique frost protection to enable safe operation at low outdoor temperatures, and also to optimize energy recovery without risk of freezing.

 In instances where the heat recovery is not enough to achieve the demanded supply temperature, separate heat can be added. Thanks to the Econet’s flexibility it is possible to add heating energy from any kind of thermal source. Even waste heat at low temperature, which is often available at low or zero cost.  




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DIF-OT Unidirectional diffusion System

DIF-OT Unidirectional diffusion System

We have our Unidirectional Diffusion System comprising the VDI 6022 certified Hygienic AHU with:

• Highest efficiency

• Run-around coil heat recovery system

• Ceiling HEPA filter with optimized velocity diffuser,

• Exhaust grilles for the extract system and


• Room Controller with control panel to keep positive pressurization.



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