Computer room cooling products

The DENCO® product range offers the widest variety of cooling methods for IT cooling and other precision cooling requirements. Adia-DENCO® can give you evaporative cooling for high efficiencies and compressor-less designs. With Ultra-DENCO® for high performance cooling in chilled water circuits or Multi-DENCO® gives you a wide variety of options and designs to tailor it exactly to your needs. Row-DENCO® is installed directly amongst your servers for horizontal airflow and higher density requirements, while Picco-DENCO® can bring precision to even the smaller of applications.


Ultra DENCO®: High performance

Ultra-DENCO® is for when performance matters in your datacenter. The unit has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of data centers. Designed for only a down flow air configuration and chilled water cooling, the unit is ideally suited towards rooms which have a 500mm floor void.


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Multi-DENCO®: Multi-Purpose

Multi-DENCO® bring the flexibility, diversity and efficiency to ensure your IT cooling requirements are realized. Multi-DENCO® units can provide up to 150 kW of cooling within 7 different casing sizes, which can also be in up-flow or downflow air configuration. It has various options and features available such as automatic pressurized system (APS), pressure independent control valves (PICV), energy monitoring, airflow monitoring and power redundancy options too.


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Row-DENCO® brings a new direction to your data center. With a width of 300mm and a rear to front airflow, Row-DENCO units can be associated with particular servers, rather than with a room. This enables a direct relationship between the server and its source of cool air, reducing or eliminating the need to create excess or future capacity.


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The supply air can be directed in 3 individual directions or as both left right.

Available as both direct expansion and chilled water units, but shares the same design principles and features: mechanical connections available at the top and bottom, humidifier available for both, casing and airflow options are the same for both types. 


Heating and Cooling for Data Canters


You are looking for the best technology available to give consistent cooling. 

You want maximum efficiency and demand good redundancy features combined with the ability to adapt to your fast paced and everchanging industry.

 You can rely on our promise to keep you cool in all conditions. 




• Europe-wide datacenter cooling without deployment of compressors

• Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) < 1.05

• Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) < 0.1 l/kWh

• Comply with highest hygienic standards (VDI2047 certification)

• Configurable & modular design meeting your specific capacity and space requirements

• Up to 400 kW cooling capacity and 100.000 m3/h air flow

• Top-up cooling with DX/CW heat exchangers or complete refrigeration system available

• Highest casing standards with 60 mm panels

• TB2 thermal bridging class can be selected

• L1 leakage class can be selected


Product features

Stainless steel nozzles ensure optimized configuration. Options for inbuilt redundancy are available. Water-saving controls and demineralized water without degradation is used.



Large surface area allows low air pressure drop. Epoxy coated surface and sealed aluminum plates offer optimal material quality.  Economical EC fans provide the best efficiency with running redundancy.

Advanced control and monitoring system provide a good overview and usability. It also makes the plant operation reliable



Global DC Project References by Adia-DENCO

2019-2020: Sweden Data Centres 

Net Sensible Cooling: 257kW

Data Hall supply air only, direct evaporative humidification with wetted media, AHU supplied complete on a common base frame to minimise site activity 3rd Party BAS Panel fitted and tested in FG factory Fan array fitted with harmonic filtration to reduce the THDi to <5% across the whole operating range Stringent low noise level requirements

2018: Istanbul Data Centre

Net Sensible Cooling: 265kW

Fully integrated cooling back-up including 2 x inverters DC and ambient PHE bypass

Bypass for frost protection Sound attenuators ATS with Modbus providing BMS variables One redundant fan per fan wall