The systems come with gaseous clean agents Novec 1230 or HFC-227ea, which are the best choice for protecting electrical cabinets and sensitive appliances, as they leave no residue after extinguishing. Fire agents do not have  corrosive effects, they are electrically non-conductive, their use is safe even in places with human occurrence and are  ecological.



Fully automatic and autonomous Independent of electricity Fast Detection High efficiency of extinguishing

agent Possibility to manually activate the system One system can cover more space Harmless to humans

and protected devices  Variety of additional components   Simple installation andmaintenance Cost-effective

life value


Typical applications                                Electrical cabinets                                      Server racks                      

CNC machines                                       Telecommunications equipment                  Generators

Vending machine                                   Manufacturing equipment                           Laser cutters







Direct and in-direct low-pressure systems from the BlazeCut 'C' Series range is the ideal fire protection system for a range of applications including IT/telecommunications rack and cabinets, CNC machines, electrical switchboards, generators, uninterrupted power supplies, vending machines and similar devices which are enclosed in spaces of high fire risk which are not under constant supervision. Suitable for protection of areas where a fire can result in high property damage and business interruption.


Activation and distribution ensures detection

extinguishing hose. Suitable for small and tight spaces

such as Electrical switchboards.


Economical Solution

Additional components:

Pressure switch

Visual and audible signaling units




Activation is provided by the detection tube or other

form of detection and the distribution of the

extinguishing agent is through separate distribution

nozzle distributions. Comprehensive systems for

smaller and larger spaces and where there are special

requirements for even distribution of extinguishing

agent and additional components.


The most effective solution.

Additional components:

Heat / smoke detectors

Linear heat detection

Pressure switch or pressure

transducer Fire control panels

Manual remote actuators

Visual and audible signaling units