SIEX-NC™ 1230 stands out for its outstanding suppression power by ensuring efficient liquid agent distribution throughout the protected hazard. The equipment is optimized to work with the  SIEX-NC™  (FK 5-1-12) clean agent. Known as “liquid that doesn’t wet”, this extinguishing agent far exceeds the benefits of water since it does not damage equipment and evaporates easily.


It works by total flooding, extinguishing the fire in a few seconds. It is suitable for class A, B and C hazards. It is designed to protect delicate and important hazards such as data processing and telecommunication centers, banks, museums and libraries, where water would not be viable.


New extinguishing technology.

Our extinguishing system is fully aligned to the special characteristics of the agent, providing the most reliable and cost-effective systems. This system is pressurized with dry nitrogen, providing different pressures depending on the hazard’s requirements. All these systems have internationally renowned VdS approvals.


SIEX has specific software for the system to ensure its effectiveness. Our design team also offers advice for each project, always providing the solution that best suits each need. SIEX-NC™ 1230 meets ISO 14520, UNE 15004 and NFPA 2001 standards, on which these system calculation requirements are based.



Museums and art galleries 

Archives and libraries 

Telecommunication systems

Computer Rooms


Clean rooms 


Product Data

Designed for the most serious threats, including electrical

No damage to equipment

It is not harmful to one´s health

High safety margin (4.2%)

Rapid evaporation

 Zero damage to the ozone layer