Society is becoming aware that environmental protection is an absolute necessity and therefore calls foreco-friendly products that deliver more effective firefighting capabilities.


With this in mind, SIEX has developed the INERT-SIEX™ CFT-100 (Constant Flow Technology) system that combines the latest firefighting technology using a totally ecological agent, nitrogen, a major component of the atmosphere which therefore has no adverse effects on the environment.


This innovative technology provides a constant flow of agent without using a calibrated restrictor, combined with maximum protection and great firefighting efficiency. Moreover, given the high availability of this agent, added to its significant benefits in both firefighting and improving discharge efficiency, the resulting system is extraordinarily competitive and efficient.


The use of IG-100 agent—effective for any type of application—ensures a compact, flexible design adaptable to any risk, suitable for use with selector valves, including a wide range of discharge pressures, with the maximum coverage in the market and maximum safety and effectiveness.


 Stations and airports 

Telecommunication systems

Computer Rooms  

Gas installations

Offshore platforms    


Wind turbines 

Petrochemical facilities 


Electrical cabinets and substations

Archives and libraries

Educational institutions

Pharmaceutical Industry

Museums and art galleries


Residential buildings


Product Data

Easy to obtain anywhere in the world.

Very low cost refills.

Allows for longer pipe runs.

Excellent post-discharge visibility.

Cost savings using selector valves.

Suitable for occupied areas.

Zero depletion of the ozone layer and no greenhouse effect.

FM, UL and VdS certifications.