TTK Application


Data processing premises (data centers) are the crucial technical environments in many sectors such as carrier-neutral data center, Finance and Telecommunication. They are data centers, IT facilities, server rooms, dealing areas, call centers, etc. These areas tend towards a safety “24/7” 0 defect. A non-detected water leak can be extremely detrimental with the exploitation and generate very important financial consequences. Therefore, a fully addressable water leak locating detection system with FG-NET digital control unit is the ideal choice to protect these areas.



With a truly versatile system - a single control panel (FG-NET) capable of monitoring both water and oil leak detection circuits - TTK offers a complete leak detection solution in building application. For more information, click here




Air-conditionings, fire water pipes, pantries, windows, ceiling, etc, the potential leak sources are both inside and outside the rooms. Once the leakage moves and floods electric wires, it will cause personal injury and financial losses. TTK offers a variety of detection solutions for areas such as offices, museums, storage / archive areas, libraries, hospitals, shopping centers and hotels.



The technical rooms such as UPS room, assure the normal function of the whole building after the power failure. The leakage water once in contact with UPS would paralyze the backup system, causing serious data loss. Therefore, ensuring that they are permanently protected from water leaks or acid leaks is critical. Other examples of this kind of area are switch rooms, battery rooms, risers, as well as production lines in industrial premises.




A cleanroom is typically used in manufacturing or scientific research. The large cleanrooms with factory floors covering thousands of square meters are used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology and other fields. They are very sensitive to environmental contamination. TTK has supplied leak detection and location systems to numerous cleanrooms, semi-conductor and wafer manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe.