CITEC Integrated Rack

Features :

• Fan integrated for easy installation and deployment

• Max air flow 3000 m3/h

• Pressure transmitter to monitor real time differential air pressure

• NTC temperature sensors to monitor real time both inlet and outlet air temperature

• Auto reset thermal overload protection on fan motor and power supply

• Remote ON/OFF switch (optional)

• Ducting (optional)

• Alarm notification

• Up to 42U high


Benefit :

• No hot aisle, the whole data center is cold

• Higher return air temperature to Precision Air Conditioner (PAC), increase PAC cooling capacity

• Smaller PAC models can be used to provide cost saving and energy efficiency

• No cold spot because of supply air is at design rack inlet air

• Consistent temperature at rack intake from bottom to top

• Lower RH return air improve sensible heat ratio