• The building block is a 30-50kW uninterruptible power module (UPM)

• By paralleling the modules internally, we get ratings of

  2x 40kW = 80kW

  2x 50kW = 100kW

  3x 40kW = 120kW

  3x 50kW = 150kW

  4x 40kW = 160kW

  4x 50kW = 200kW

• Static bypass size is chosen according to system power

• Internal scalability

• True internal redundancy
• Scales up in 50kW increments
•Centralised UPS bypass that is fully rated in Day1
  – Maximised selectivity combined with flexibility
•Hot Sync® technology for reliable horizontal and vertical paralleling
  – Each UPM in the system operates independently