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Server Room Cooling & Data Center Air Conditioning

 A Server room must maintain the ideal conditions for computer systems and accompanying components, such as server racks for storage or telecommunications


As we are all aware our modern society runs on the reliability of computer systems worldwide, many businesses must depend upon these specialist buildings and associated air conditioning systems to keep their data from being compromised. If a system becomes unavailable then a company might have to cease all operations completely until the issue can be fixed. Or in the worst cases, data could simply be lost.erver room cooling solutions come in wide variety of sizes and styles. Maintaining the conditions in each of these areas is critical.


Intelligent & Complete Server Room Cooling Systems

Whether it is one of many rooms in a vast cloud data center, or a large single room, key to your co-location operations or even a small room as part of your office building, hosting only a couple of racks. All these white spaces are home to the key components of your operations. Maintaining the conditions in each of these areas is critical.

 We offer a complete portfolio for IT cooling that can cover the different methods of applications.

 With our efficient close-control climate concepts, we have no trouble satisfying all requirements from ambient conditions to minimum operating costs, and offer you an optimal price/performance ratio:

 • Energy efficient Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) solutions using adiabatic features

• High availability water based free cool systems

• Reliable mechanical and compressor-based cooling

• Competitive chilled water solutions