LiquiCool™ Rear Door Heat Exchanger, the World’s Most Efficient, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cooling Solution for Today’s Sustainable Data Centers.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - The average cost of operating datacom facilities has grown more than three times faster than capital investment in new IT equipment. Key drivers for uncontrolled TCO growth include cooling equipment capital expense, inefficient designs, high installation costs, rising energy bills and ongoing maintenance. So, how can you add value to your organization while meeting your cooling infrastructure challenges?


Features :

• Provides up to 22.5 kW of nominal cooling capacity) and to 33 kW of maximum cooling capacity

• Chilled water coolant type

• Passive design – no fans, moving parts or electrical connections

• 100% sensible cooling – no condensate• Installs in minutes

• No rearrangement of enclosures required

• Allows 8X the compute power versus air-cooled datacom facilities


Benefit :

• Reduces cooling energy consumption by 50% or more

• Reduces data center space requirements by more than 55%

• Typically provides a complete return on investment in less than one year