GEA-T Range
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T Range

The Denco “T” Range incorporates the very latest in environmental and energy saving technology. Applications include computer rooms, telephone exchanges / telecommunication rooms, technical rooms / laboratories and dealer rooms - anywhere that a requirement exists for precise control of air temperature, relative humidity and filtration.

The Denco “T” Range of air conditioning units is designed to provide the ultimate in precise control of temperature, humidity and filtration in small to medium sized areas.

Features :

• Cooling capacity range from 3 to 90 kW

• Fully one hermetic scroll compressors (Single circuit VRF two compressors

  optional) on DX units

• Direct Drive Fans (also EC Plug Fans optional)

• Double inlet, double width fans with forward curved impellers

• Electric Heating Standard

• Electrode Boiler Humidifier Standard

• EU4/G4 Filters Standard (EU7/F7 Filters optional)

• Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV optional) on DX units

• Fully front access for ease of servicing